high quality Concrete Batching Plant
high quality Concrete Batching Plant
high quality Concrete Batching Plant
high quality Concrete Batching Plant
high quality Concrete Batching Plant
high quality Concrete Batching Plant
high quality Concrete Batching Plant
high quality Concrete Batching Plant

high quality Concrete Batching Plant

company : Henan Chunyue Import&Export Co.,Ltd
address : Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, Henan province, China.



   HNNAN CHUNYUE IMPORT EXPORT TRADING CO LTD is a company specializing in the production of high quality Concrete Batching Plant. We have an efficient service team and do not provide customers with technical personnel products and services. We insist on high-quality service, honesty, and advanced production technology with the times. Today we mainly introduce the following high quality Concrete Batching Plant.

The Product of 25M3 to 180M3 Concrete Batching Plant:

HZS series precast concrete batching plant belongs to compulsory and efficiency equipment. It includes JS concrete mixer, PLD batching machine,cement silo,conveying system and control system.And also has the characteristic of mixing well, high productivity, highly automated, high flexibility, convenient operation, and good stability.

Concrete mixing plant concrete mixing plant can be widely used in construction projects like buildings, roads, bridges, high way roads, docks, airport, water projects, hydropower station, etc. They can also be used in fibre reinforced concrete unit factories and used as commercial cyclone cement concrete mixing plant to sell high-quality concrete to different buyers.

The Concrete Batching Plant has the following features:

1.It uses forced double-horizontal shafts and can produce many kinds of high-quality concrete, such as dry hard concrete and     plastic concrete and others.

2.Separate metering methods is used to measure aggregate through an electronic weighing apparatus.

3.A weighing hopper is used to weigh cement, water and additives, to ensure that the measurement is accurate.

4.Our machine key parts such as motor, reducer, bearing, double shaft mixer uses famous domestic and international brands: 

5.PLC are adopted in our concrete mixing plant to ensure the reliable performance and high production efficiency.

Control system of Concrete Batching Plant:

The electronic component of the control system are well-known brands, and we can match you with a set of installation tools when shipping;

PLC/Centralized Control with the emergency stop button and safety control key;

TV monitoring systems for batching machine, concrete mixer and discharging mouth are optional for clients. 

Chunyue`s Mission:

To establish one stop solution based projects of good quality, economic cost, professional service

To tranform to a global enterprise that has overseas branches, warehouse.

To Establish a corporate culture that drvies team work, improvement and invovation.

To meet high standard in coporate social responsibility, safety, health, and environmental practices.

To develop with customers.

Why does the state support green concrete mixing plants?

1, efficient production methods, high-quality concrete. The commercial concrete mixing plant equipment is highly automated and continues to be intelligent. The mixing plant has a high degree of automation, strong production capacity, high weighing accuracy, and good mixing quality. It can end up with more bins, more cooperation ratios, and continuous production for a long time; the ready-mixed concrete production and supply processing in the commercial concrete mixing plant And standardization. The production of ready-mixed concrete has established a sound processing and quality control system for each link from raw materials, experiments, production, dispatching, quality inspection, and shipping, especially in terms of standardized processing, measurement processing, process control, and quality inspection. To ensure the quality of ready-mixed concrete.


   2, obvious environmental advantages. High-quality, energy-saving, profit-saving and environmental protection conceptual concrete mixing building (station), for the strong supply of green high-performance concrete production to ensure: closed green sand and gravel weighing delivery system, the maximum limit to reduce noise pollution to the environment; Negative-pressure bag-type pulse dedusting system thoroughly solves the problems of flying dust and environmental pollution in concrete production. It is useful to save energy and protect the environment. The wet concrete is recycled separately, and a set of closed sewage treatment and sand and stone recycling system is constructed by three-dimensional placement. , Reuse pulp water and wastes for repeated use, reach zero emissions, reduce environmental pollution at the maximum limit, achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction, and produce environmentally friendly products.


   3, improve the residents living environment. There is no need to pile up or transfer materials at the site, avoiding the phenomenon of dirty, disordered and poor cities, and avoid mixing concrete on site to make cement slurry flow into sewers to form blockages in sewers. The use of ready-mixed concrete can improve the quality of construction projects and extend the service life of projects. We can fundamentally root out the "bean curd residue" project and then protect the safety of people's lives and property.

Company information:

Henan Chunyue Import&Export Co.,Ltd is a large-sized joint-stock enterprise intergrated with the scientific reserach, production and sales of heavy duty mining machinery, construction machinery, aiming to serve the need in mining, metallurgy, constructin, checmial instruction. What distinguishes our machine from other`s worldwide is our invention and innovation on practicial and easy crushing, milling system, drying system, concrete batching system. We believe that quality should be intergated into every part of our machine. Our main products are stone crushers, raymond pulverizer, rotary dryer, concrete batching plant wtih more than 30 kinds of specifications. They are all designed, produced, manufactured and tested in accordance with the standard of ISO9001:2000 international quality system standard. Our products are recognized as quality products by technical supervision departments.

Contact Us:

Contact:Linda Yin

Phone  :+86 136 0768 2968

E-mail :Linda@chunyuetrading.com

Address :Wangfu Building, Cross of Gongren Road and Hanghai Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan, China.

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 We provide high quality Concrete Batching Plant to each country every year. If you are interested in our high quality Concrete Batching Plant, welcome your inquiry, we look forward to working with you, serving you, and becoming a partner you trust and rely on.

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